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Get an application specifically designed to handle all types of orders Your brand is integrated into the system so that the system is unique and unique to you

  • Real-time tracking and alerts to find out the exact demand status.
  • Customers can choose the right delivery time to receive their orders
  • Shoppers can repeat the order quickly from the time you save the order date
  • Provide demand alerts, lower prices, other important updates
  • A dedicated section for customers to find the latest offers and discounts
  • Get useful feedback from your customers

Cost & Time

Another benefit of activating orders through the Internet is to reduce the costs spent on brochures and food cards. Is there a better way to increase your sales volume and increase the number of your customers significantly and quickly?

  • Native app Customers get a fast and easy to use application
  • Get a quick and easy start with email options - You can register through social networking sites
  • Choose a wide range of food products and restaurants with a detailed description
  • Customers can easily find items with Search, Filter, and Sort
  • Manage simple profile, addresses, payment details, settings and alerts such as confirmation of each step, follow - up status, request and so on
  • Customers can pay the way they want with support for all common options

Awfar Connect Modules

White Label Grocery App

a fully branded and tailored grocery app solution with custom features, integrations, and enhancements.

Picker App

Android application that receives orders from the call center and enlists orders basket items and prices. The app can scan product barcodes and order receipts. Pickers can use the app to report missing items and price changes.

Awfar CRM

A software that records the purchase history of every customers and includes a complaints management system.

Branch Manager Dashboard

A dashboard for branch managers to monitor order status, picker activity and to handle complaints.

Awfar Catalog

A software that allows customer support agents and order takers to view available SKUs-on-shelf and offers.

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