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Awfar : is a venture-backed company that aims to revolutionize retail delivery operations through technology. A group of experienced industry veterans established Awfar in 2013 to become a leading logistics service provider for the retail industry.
Awfar Connect : is an enterprise resources management system to streamline retail delivery operations. Awfar Connect offers a battery of integrated tools that fits with every retailer needs to assist in eliminating operational bottlenecks, increase efficiency, cut expenses and directly uplift sales. Awfar support all the popular online grocery delivery models with our customizable grocery app development solution. Awfar provide the technology infrastructure for Retailers to build on-demand delivery marketplaces, apps, and services.

For Every Grocery Shopping App Model

Whitelabel Grocery Store App For Business.
Establish a direct connection between your Grocery shop and your loyal Customers and grow your business.
A feature rich and fully customizable on-demand grocery app.

Create A Mobile Platform For Grocery Shopping

We enable grocery delivery Chains and aggregators to launch a feature-rich grocery app like awfar market app .

Launch Your Branded Online Grocery App

We offer a one-stop grocery shopping app across all your stores and manage everything from a central dashboard

Awfar Connect Modules

White Label Grocery App

a fully branded and tailored grocery app solution with custom features, integrations, and enhancements.

Picker App

Android application that receives orders from the call center and enlists orders basket items and prices. The app can scan product barcodes and order receipts. Pickers can use the app to report missing items and price changes.

Awfar CRM

A software that records the purchase history of every customers and includes a complaints management system.

Branch Manager Dashboard

A dashboard for branch managers to monitor order status, picker activity and to handle complaints.

Awfar Catalog

A software that allows customer support agents and order takers to view available SKUs-on-shelf and offers.

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