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About Awfar Connect

Awfar : is a venture-backed company that aims to revolutionize retail delivery operations through technology. A group of experienced industry veterans established Awfar in 2013 to become a leading logistics service provider for the retail industry.
Awfar Connect : is an enterprise resources management system to streamline retail delivery operations. Awfar Connect offers a battery of integrated tools that fits with every retailer needs to assist in eliminating operational bottlenecks, increase efficiency, cut expenses and directly uplift sales. Awfar support all the popular online grocery delivery models with our customizable grocery app development solution. Awfar provide the technology infrastructure for Retailers to build on-demand delivery marketplaces, apps, and services.

Awfar Connect Modules

Awfar Picker App

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Awfar Call Center Agents

Awfar Call Center dedicated agents are highly trained on retail sales and customer satisfaction. Awfar Call Center is backed with a software bundle that ensure the maximum efficiency and convenience when it comes to customer support.

Awfar Catalog

A software that allows customer support agents and order takers to view available SKUs-on-shelf and offers.

Awfar Branch Manager

A dashboard for branch managers to monitor order status, picker activity and to handle complaints.

Awfar CRM

that records the purchase history of every and each customers and includes Complaint Management System.

Special Services

Faq Question

The provision of voice center systems and advanced communications management under the VOIP technology

Providing CRM systems and platforms for customer management and application activities and follow-up

Provide the necessary infrastructure (lines - high speed Internet - link branches and others)

Provide trained service personnel to work on the project

We have all the appropriate systems and experience that you have provided our services at the highest levels and lowest prices, we are distinguished from the estimated, we deal, we have an estimated, we are exposed to a brand in this field.

Costs of running the Call Center for others: One of the main reasons for switching to the use of Call Center service providers is the price and costs

High-quality service: OverConnect maintains a premium service rate of 90% of calls within 10 seconds, exceeding the benchmark of 80%. Over Connect also operates a specialized unit in the Arabian Gulf region to provide support to call center customers.

Human resources efficiency: OverCont sees that its employees are one of its most important assets. Therefore, the process of selecting employees is based on their technical and practical expertise within different fields and their ability to contribute to achieving this achievement

Manage customer queues : carefully by arranging queue queues for customers

Linking communication systems : We can connect our communications system to your company if you contract with us, providing a single working environment

Customer Service Employees : We have a coordinated mechanism in recruiting our customer service team, and we select the best experiences

Autoresponder : Our advanced autoresponder allows you to add all of your services and distribute them to departments

Track caller requests : The process of our system arranges the follow-up process

Call Center for the restaurant : Call Center is a basic tool for providing decent customer service. You can not provide certified call-to-phone services without the use of the Call Center system, which allows you to evaluate the quality of your work and the professionalism of the team.

application driver for delivery : Each driver has a special application that is related to its costs to the drivers and delivered through its tasks and delivered through its tasks.

Cross-site applications : We have built a website and an integrated control panel, through which the list of food menus or products is managed so that they are divided and comprehensive in all possibilities and different presentation modes with support for the feature of presentations and deals and also a lot of internal details recognized in the global sites.

Screen applications in branches : Each branch can follow up on its own requests and deal with different demand situations, in addition to assigning the appropriate drivers to each request and the possibility of extracting different sales reports of the same branch. With the Push Notification feature for requests and situations ...

Customer application for requests : A complete application for the application and follow-up by the client, where he can download the restaurant application directly from Google Play and the Apple Store so the client will be able to view the menu of menus and menus, pictures and prices ... and other unlimited options ...

You do not need any experience

You do not need any technical or background experience because our ready-made solution provides beginners and experts with all the tools they need to manage and grow their e-business successfully.

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